One-on-One with Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

What are the benefits of a One-on-One Physical Therapy Business Model with a Single Practitioner?

  • You get the full attention of a skilled practitioner of 33+ years that is not distracted by productivity requirements, insurance requirements and splitting time between other patients. Working in a clinic environment, Physical Therapists are tasked with new evaluations, re-evaluations and other administrative tasks largely driven by insurance requirements. For the patient that means reduced time for therapeutic interventions. Dr. Carol is constantly re-evaluating her intervention to give patients best results. Working with Dr. Carol outside of that system gives you more for your Health Care dollar.
  • You get Hands-On treatment from a skilled practitioner of 33+ years to target your relevant issues and help you to resolve all of your musculoskeletal complaints. In fact, most people have multiple complaints by the time they seek or are sent for Physical Therapy intervention. Our Healthcare System, however, has become so specialized that patients have to see a different Specialist for each complaint. There is a knee doctor, a back doctor, a shoulder doctor, a foot doctor, and on and on, each working independently on one of your issues. If you have too many complaints you might be referred to a Pain Specialist. This system burdens the patient with scheduling multiple visits, paying multiple copays to multiple specialists, each requiring multiple studies that also have to be scheduled and paid for before treatment can begin. The treatment is rarely corrective and usually include symptom management using medications, injections, and/or surgery. Dr. Carol will listen to you and determine how your multiple complaints might tie together. She will treat your whole body! Given the dynamic nature of our bodies, THAT MAKES SENSE!
  • You get timely and efficient Physical Therapy Services. New Mexico’s Physical Therapy Licensing laws do not require referral from your physician to access Physical Therapy Services. Since there is no need for physician’s referral or insurance authorization, patients can start their journey to recovery quickly by contacting Dr. Carol directly for an appointment. Although no referral is needed to access Physical Therapy services at Carol’s Physical Therapy in Motion llc, Dr. Carol will consult with your Physician when necessary to ensure top level care. Most patients feel benefit after one visit and many have considerable benefit after 3 visits. This is not a guarantee of results as each patient has variable complexities. Dr. Carol specializes in helping patients with complex issues and welcomes the challenge of helping those patients that have not benefitted from prior interventions.

Dr. Carol would love to hear your response to this Blog.  If you have specific questions regarding your personal situation please contact Dr. Carol directly. 

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